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Intellitek Systems offers real solutions to real business problems. Across multiple lines of business and configured to meet the requirements of a broad array of industries, Intellitek Systems customizes each OASIS solution to address the challenges of our clients.

OASIS Business Services


OASIS Business Services helps professional services firms of all types:





OASIS Distribution & Wholesale


OASIS Distribution & Wholesale helps distributors and wholesalers:







OASIS Retail


OASIS Retail helps retailers:




  • Address Cyber Security Threats (Learn More)








OASIS Business Analytics


OASIS Business Analytics combines the benefits of a user-friendly data visualization toolset with the power of business intelligence and big data. OASIS Business Analytics helps companies:














OASIS Financials


OASIS Financials is a comprehensive suite of financial management tools. OASIS Financials helps companies:










OASIS ERP empowers smaller companies with enterprise functionality at a small business-friendly price. OASIS ERP helps companies:











OASIS Corporate Performance Manager


OASIS Corporate Performance Manager is a powerful business planning and forecasting platform. OASIS Corporate Performance Manager helps companies:












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