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Business Analytics for Small - Mid Sized Businesses

Business Analytics: Small - Mid Sized Businesses



Real-Time Data. Visualized.

An analytic culture requires people, and the trends are clear for user expectations of business analytics: faster delivery of analytic applications, simple to use by enabling sophisticated analysis, interactive self-service exploration with fast performance, and available anytime, anywhere. This “consumerization of BI” trend places increasing user expectations on business analytics systems, demanding that analytical insights are instantly accessible, visually compelling, delivered on mobile devices, all with responsive performance.


OASIS Analytics delivers a single platform for generating reports and data visualizations with customizable, role-based dashboards.




How Can OASIS Business Analytics Help Your Company?

Integrate Diverse Corporate Sources of Information into an Enterprise View: The reality for almost all organizations is relevant data is stored in fragmented sources. Analytics on a particular silo of information is useful, but creating a consolidated enterprise-wide view is much more beneficial. With OASIS Analytics, business users can perform analysis across subject areas.


Clean, Clear Dashboards and Reports, Designed for Instant Insight: A single metric or KPI is no use without context. How does the number compare with this period last year? How has market share shifted over time? What is the trend in on-time shipments? These typical business questions can require complex calculations, well-designed dashboard layout, context, and guided analysis paths. These business questions can be answered with real-time data aggregated and displayed with OASIS Business Analytics.



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