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Since 2008, Intellitek Systems has been committed to helping small and mid-market companies grow with better software.

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Our Solutions

Align Marketing, Sales, and Service

Improve marketing response rates, increase sales and delight customers by unifying all customer-facing systems into one platform to give you a true, 360-degree view of your customer relationships.

Improve Business Performance

With one platform to manage your business, users gain the visibility into your customers and operations that they need to drive better business results.

Run Your Business on One Platform

Eliminate the inefficiency and hassle of using multiple software systems. OASIS adapts to your exact business requirements to help you run your entire company from one place.


Expert Advice and the Support

Intellitek Systems doesn't merely sell your company software- we aim to be one of your most trusted advisors. Your Intellitek Systems Customer Success Manager is an expert at supporting businesses in your industry and brings to each customer engagement several years of experience dealing with the issues that are unique to your vertical market.

Personalized Technology

One size does NOT fit all. That's why each Intellitek Systems client has a Customer Success Manager that is an expert in the target industry to help personalize the OASIS stack to your users' exact requirements.

Turn Data into Action

Companies outside the Fortune 500 often lack the tools to turn their data into actionable business insights. Intellitek Systems helps these companies make sense of their data.

Success starts with a blueprint

If you’re interested in seeing what OASIS can do for your company, Intellitek Systems will conduct a free, no-obligation discovery. We’ll take time to uncover your company’s unique needs and goals. Then we’ll draft a blueprint of your ideal OASIS software solution.

Intelligent ERP

Companies that create a foundation on intelligent cloud technology will gain valuable advantages- such as boosting profits, growing faster, entering new markets, and disrupting their industries.

Intelligent CRM

OASIS Intelligent CRM combines marketing, sales and service functions into a powerful, single tool that enables you to deliver intelligent customer experiences based on your buyers' needs.


OASIS Analytics delivers a single platform for generating reports and data visualizations with customizable, role-based dashboards.


Our Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I really consolidate all of my company's systems onto one platform? That sounds expensive and complex!

    Before we propose any technology whatsoever, we meet with all of your key stakeholders to understand where your business is strong and where there could be opportunities for improvement. We will then draft a technology blueprint that outlines specifically how we can help your company operate more efficiently and profitably with a single platform in the cloud. After your software is installed, you are assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager who has at least 5 years of leadership experience in your industry to support and guide your relationship with Intellitek Systems. As for cost, you only pay a monthly fee for the implementation, support and maintenance of your platform. We never charge "per user" fees, and if you are dissatisfied with our software, you can cancel with 30 days notice.

  • How will our users receive support when we need help?

    Many software companies are strictly in the business of selling you "more software," leaving your business to rely on expensive third-party consultants for implementation and ongoing support. Intellitek Systems is different. We assign an expert in your field to serve as your company's Customer Success Manager. Your Customer Success Manager will work with your account team to draft your personalized Technology Blueprint, oversee your implementation, and provide ongoing customer support for trouble tickets, software updates, and ongoing issues.

  • Is the OASIS platform best suited for certain types of businesses?

    Yes. Intellitek Systems best serves companies in the Banking, Business Services, Distribution & Wholesale, Manufacturing, and Retail industries with fewer than 1000 employees.

  • How much does OASIS cost?

    We charge a fixed, all-inclusive monthly fee for software, cloud hosting, support, and upgrades. You are billed by the number of modules you use and the number of subsidiaries you manage with the software (up to 1 parent company and 4 subsidiaries are included in your base cost). We never charge you for the number of users on the platform. There is no cost to begin the discovery process, and we will provide you with a detailed Technology Blueprint regardless of whether you purchase our software or not. Contact us to get started!



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