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OASIS Powers Your Entire Business


What does your company do? You might be able to sum it up in a few words, like “manufacturing” or “business services.” But to be successful, your company must also tackle a network of behind-the-scenes tasks like accounting, analytics, sales, payroll, human relations, customer service, inventory, supply chain management and much more.



To help you do it all, Intellitek Systems has created OASIS. Each OASIS software system is customized to fulfill a company’s unique needs – within a single, easy-to-use platform. Because every OASIS platform is custom-built, it fits small to mid-sized businesses of all kinds, both in the cloud or onsite. By supporting all your needs within a single intelligent system, OASIS increases efficiency and lowers expenses.


Software as Unique as Your Business

Your business is your passion. We get it; we're a team of entrepreneurial-minded dreamers too. When your business was born, basic accounting software and perhaps a contact management-centric CRM software was all you needed.


But your "baby" is growing up now, and managing employees, customers and suppliers is crucial to continued success.


Intellitek Systems understands that even in identical industries, no two businesses are exactly alike. That's why we assign a dedicated Customer Success Team, comprised of an Account Executive, Customer Success Manager, and Project Engineer, to each one of our customers. Your Customer Success team is dedicated to understanding what makes your business special, and personalizing an OASIS platform that is just right for your needs today, and has the scalability to grow with you as we look to tomorrow together.

Discover. Implement. Support.





Your Customer Success Team works with your stakeholders to understand your business, and prepare a personalized digital roadmap exclusively for your company.



Once you've committed to your digital roadmap, your Project Engineer is introduced, and your Customer Success Manager ensures that your OASIS instance is personalized, tested and implemented to your exact requirements.



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You receive support from the same individual for the life of your relationship with Intellitek Systems, and a Quarterly Business Review call takes place each quarter to ensure you are achieving the desired results with OASIS.

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