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"Intellitek Systems is committed to delivering our clients the best possible technology solutions. That is why we customize each OASIS solution to the specific client requirements and back it up with project management, implementation, training and support from a dedicated Customer Success Manager that has domain expertise in the client's industry.


Bethany Kemp, Director of Customer Success. Intellitek Systems.


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Several years ago, we noticed an unfortunate trend: small and mid-sized companies often struggle to find affordable solutions to their daily business needs. Instead, they’re forced to piece together a patchwork of antiquated platforms and out-of-the-box, cookie-cutter programs. These solutions aren’t efficient, user-friendly, flexible or customized. At Intellitek Systems, we knew there had to be a better way. So we built OASIS.


OASIS gives small- to mid-sized business efficiency, control, freedom and flexibility. As an open-source platform, it can evolve to meet changing business needs. It’s a comprehensive, customized solution that gives companies the technology support they need, at the price they can afford.


Stop relying on high-priced, hard-to-use solutions.

Contact us for a FREE OASIS blueprint that’s customized for your business and your budget.


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