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Manage Business Performance, Visibility, Inventory, Procurement, HR, Marketing, Sales and Service from one platform- OASIS ERP

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Personalized by your Customer Success team to fit your exact business and industry requirements, OASIS ERP is a single platform to run your entire business.


Learn more about how Intellitek Systems helps companies across a wide-range of industries reduce business expenses, increase profitability and streamline business operations with its flagship offering- OASIS ERP.

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Introduction to your Customer Success Team


In-depth business analysis


Complete Digital Roadmap to guide your company's digital transformation

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Custom ERP goodness.






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Everything in Silver plus:


Unlimited Users. No user fees. Ever. Period.


Enterprise-wide Business Analytics


Robust Inventory Management


Sales Performance Management


Configure-Price Quote Engine


Complete Order & Contract Management


Marketing Automation


Service Management


Human Resources Management


Streamlined Procurement


Personalized to your specific industry and business requirements based on your Digital Roadmap







One Platform to rule them all.


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Included in Platinum


Everything in Gold plus:


Unlimited Subsidiaries


Unlimited Customization for Life


In-market leads delivered to your CRM system.


Discover who is actively searching social media and search engines for your product or service, and create marketing campaigns to reach them







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