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Intelligent CRM Software for Small to Mid Sized Businesses

A Demanding Customer Landscape Requires Intelligent CRM

Customer demands are constantly changing, and buyers know that they have multiple options when it comes to purchasing what you sell. In an age of increasing commoditization and a competitive landscape that often knows no national boundaries, customer experience is often your only differentiator. This requires CRM tools that go beyond simple contact managers, help desk management, and email blasting tools. OASIS Intelligent CRM combines marketing, sales and service functions into a powerful, single tool that enables you to deliver intelligent customer experiences based on your buyers' needs.


How Can OASIS Intelligent CRM Help Your Company?

Understand Your Buyers Like Never Before: Because OASIS Intelligent CRM is a single platform that provides insight into every interaction with your customer across all facets of your business, you can gain a true 360-degree view of your buyers and send the right message, to the right person at the right time.


Increase Profitability with Improved Sales Operations: OASIS Intelligent CRM helps your salespeople actually sell more by providing one tool to manage the entire customer relationship. Reps can maintain customer history and easily create proposals with a few clicks of the mouse. Managers can view activity and forecast revenue with advanced analytics and dashboards.


Align Marketing, Sales and Service: Manage marketing campaigns, sales operations and customer service with a single tool.


Improve Customer Satisfaction:     A single view of your customer means your agents have access to every interaction with your customer. Improve their experience and turn them into brand advocates with a world-class customer experience.



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