Intellitek Systems develops intelligent software for growing companies.
Our Philosophy Each Intellitek Systems client is assigned a Customer Success Manager to shepherd the journey to realizing true business impact from your investment in OASIS. Your Customer Success Manager is an expert in the field of your business, and has a minimum of 3 years management experience in the industry his or her client operates from. The Four Pillars of Customer Success  Discovery During the discovery phase, your Customer Success Manager will get to know you, your team, and your business. He or she will learn about your business objectives and will craft a blueprint for accomplishing them with OASIS.  Implement Your Customer Success Manager will work with your assigned Project Engineer to customize, test, and deploy OASIS in your chosen environment. In the cloud or on-premise- the choice is yours.  Train Once OASIS has been deployed for your team, your Customer Success Manager will work with you to develop and deliver a training plan to ensure user adoption.  Support Post-implementation, your Customer Success Manager stays with you for the life of your relationship with Intellitek Systems. Your Customer Success Manager is your company’s single point of contact for technical support. He or she will also meet with you at least quarterly to ensure you are achieving the desired results with OASIS.
Our Story In 2008, our founder, Matthew May, noticed a trend that was causing major issues for small and mid sized companies. He commonly observed that these types of companies were suffering from a lack of freedom and control over their daily business processes. They were forced to use out-of-the-box enterprise solutions or antiquated software for their operations. If they could manage to find an affordable solution, they had no say over whether it was managed on site or through cloud software, nor was it tailored to meet their specific needs. Thus, Intellitek Systems was formed to provide freedom and flexibility to small and mid-sized companies in need of intelligent enterprise resource solutions. Book a Demo







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