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Everything in one place; it's almost become a mantra for OASIS users. At the heart of our "all-in-one" approach to software lies OASIS ERP. OASIS ERP gives users the flexibility of a fully-customizable platform with the convenience and ease-of-use that comes from centralizing all of your business functions into a single operating system. With OASIS, you get:


Complete Quote-to-Cash Management: OASIS ERP administers your customer order management, materials and/or labor management, production and/or project management, and financial management processes so you stay on track with your business goals.


Order Management: Whether you need to quickly generate an accurate quote, create a sales order, custom-configure products at the point-of-sale, or assign special pricing arrangements, by using OASIS ERP you can provide top-notch service to your customers.


Financial Management: From creating a budget and enhancing your cash flow position to processing accounts payable and accounts receivable and preparing detailed financial reports, OASIS helps you manage your bottom line.












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