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Improve Customer Satisfaction


Customers are becoming increasingly demanding- risk alienating them at your own peril! Traditional CRM tools merely log issues and serve as “data repositories.” Modern businesses need tools that help them actually see their entire relationship with the customer in one place. OASIS CRM unifies marketing, sales and service into one platform so that you can gain a 360-degree view of your customers, view their behavior in real-time across digital AND offline channels, ultimately reduce customer churn. Your Intellitek Systems Customer Success Manager can help you create a solution that:


• Proactively identifies customers in need of service


• Singles out customers at risk of no longer doing business with your company based on actual behavior- not just inquiries with your sales and service reps


• Enables agents to efficiently serve customers


• Analyze recurring issues in real-time and take action to prevent future occurrences


• Deal with customers in their preferred channel, including telephone, email, Web chat, or social media












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