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Improve Sales Forecast Accuracy


Sales forecasts have traditionally been created based on historical projections, rep gut feelings, and pipe dreams. OASIS CRM, combined with OASIS Analytics and OASIS Corporate Performance Manager, enables managers and executives to create sales plans and forecasts based on real-time data and actual customer behavior across digital AND offline channels. Your Intellitek Systems Customer Success Manager can help you craft a CRM platform that allows you to:


• Easily create sales forecasts based on real customer data and behaviors that highlight sales key performance indicators


• “What-if” planning tools that simulate the impact of changes in sales forecasts based on real-time customer activity


• Create visually stunning reports and easily share them with your executive team


• Compare period-over-period (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc) sales forecasts across the entire company or by individual sales rep or team


• Compare forecasts and “best case scenario” projections with your sales plans and goals













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