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- “By 2020, enterprises that have successfully renovated their core ERP will achieve a 75% improvement in IT response agility and cost-to-value outcomes.”


Gartner- "Post-modern ERP Is a Vital Foundation for Digital Business, and ERP Leaders Must Implement a Post-Modern ERP Strategy, 13 September 2016"


Imagine everything you need in one place.


What does your company do? You might be able to sum it up in a few words, like “manufacturing” or “business services.” But to be successful, your company must also tackle a network of behind-the-scenes tasks like accounting, analytics, sales, payroll, human relations, customer service, inventory, supply chain management and much more.


To help you do it all, Intellitek Systems has created OASIS. Each OASIS software system is customized to fulfill a company’s unique needs – within a single, easy-to-use platform. Because every OASIS platform is custom-built, it fits small to mid-sized businesses of all kinds, both in the cloud or on-premise. By supporting all your needs within a single intelligent system, OASIS increases efficiency and lowers expenses.



It starts with you.



More correctly, it starts with what we call a “blueprint.” If you’re interested in seeing what OASIS can do for your company, Intellitek Systems will conduct a free, no-obligation discovery. We’ll take time to uncover your company’s unique needs and goals. Then we’ll draft a blueprint of your ideal OASIS software solution.


As a fully customizable system, OASIS can integrate a range of solutions, including:



Our only job is to make yours easier.

At Intellitek Systems, you’ll never talk to a stranger in a faraway call center. Instead, you’ll talk to the same people every time you call. As an OASIS customer, you’re matched with a Customer Success Team. Each team includes a dedicated manager, project engineer and account executive. Because each team supports a limited list of clients, you can rely on advice from someone who understands the complexities of your company and your OASIS system, every time you call.

Meet Scott, one of Intellitek Systems' Customer Success Managers.

One platform. Limitless customization.



The flexible elements of the OASIS platform can be configured to support organizations within a variety of industries, including:




Business Services











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